Diversity is Dead, and Whiteness Killed It

The conversation will only be cyclical and breed resentment until we all fully understand this:

Media Diversified

by Shane Thomas

“People like the idea of diversity. They just don’t like being around different people”

Diversity. One of those idioms that’s been widely established as a good thing. Like “world peace”, or “green energy”. However, this appeal remains superficial, with only society’s powerful having the option to implement it; an option they often refuse to enact.

Kavita Bhanot wrote about this at the end of last year, saying we needed to “decolonise not diversify”. The issue remains a perennial part of our news cycle, with David Cameron – probably after being reminded by his Chief of Staff that he needed to try and offset his recent statements about migrants – stating his displeasure with the lack of opportunities for people of colour in British society[1].

Kavita’s piece was outstanding, but my quarrel isn’t with the idea of diversity, it’s with the defenestration of the concept. Much like…

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