My London with … Jessie Cave

An old interview I did with Jessie Cave when I was at Spoonfed. Originally published in April 2012:

jessie caveWhere did you grow up?

Ealing, West London

Not that this happens to you regularly or anything but say it’s 4am and you’re ever so slightly wasted, which London kebab shop do you head for?

For some reason I have started to go to 24hour Tesco’s on my way home from nights out and wake up with lots of new stationary, most recently, Tip-pex.  

Are we right to assume that you’re the antithesis of a romantic cliché? Where would you take someone on a first date in London?

Bowling is good for bonding, but I am a bit competitive and it becomes more about my score than who I am with, regrettably. 

What’s your most memorable London theatre experience?

I went to see Cock at the Royal Court. Katherine Parkinson, Ben Whishaw: electric

Do you have a particularly gross London memory?

I probably do but I’ve blanked it out for survival. 

What’s your favourite area of London and why?

Camden, as I now live there and I love it. It is so close to everything and I like using the BT Tower as my beacon. 

What’s your favourite place to eat in London?

I like Leon a lot but Foxcroft & Ginger on Berwick Street is perhaps the best and most friendliest coffee and food place ever. 

When you’re away from London, what do you miss?

I miss the sounds. 

Tell us a secret

I have one perfect ear and one imperfect ear. It’s huge. I don’t hide it well. 


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